Thursday, January 21, 2010

i've been surrounded by flowers 4 da whole day..

hi u guys... hihi we meet again...

smlm hajar dh jnji tuk try post something everyday kn... so here it goes... :p

hmm arini antara ari yg plg penat in my life... gosh dr pagi smpai ptg hajar kt ladang & help my fren harvest dier pnya annual flowers... actually annual flowers 2 for his master research... even though pnt sgt but i really enjoyed myself... haha my day was surrounded by flowers and all the flowers are so damn beautiful.... hihi mayb i can used that kind of flowers for my wedding someday... :p

but i really trully enjoyed myself today... oh i forgot 2 tell what kind of flowers they are... they are cosmos, merigold, vinca and celosia... hihi sape yg rajin blh google pic tuk bnga2 2 eh... :p
haha dun worry guys nanti i'll upload the flowers's pic... trust me they are gorgeous... oh and tomorrow i'll help him to do lab work plk... actually he's been very helpful to me towards my research so it is time 4 me 2 return the favors...

till i meet u guys again in the next post...

p/s: did u guys watch gLee? u better watch coz it is sooo worth watching..



  1. flowers 4 u wedding?? ehem3.. =p

  2. haha i'm juz kidding la hani.... someday yes but not in the nearest time ni la... hehe tp xtaula kalo jodoh smpai awl kn.. :p