Saturday, March 6, 2010


hi u guys..

huhu me n my sis juz had a gLee marathon starting from yesterday... juz finished watching it n it is soooooooo brilliant... gosh i luv it soo much... ok i admitt it is a typical american teenagers life in high school but i'm addicted 2 it... the story line is simple but the songs are wonderfull.. ALL OF IT...

rsnye sume pn pnh dgr psl glee kn but 4 those yg xtau glee is a musical show.. it's like high school musical with a touch of 90210 in it.. imagine u combine it together... hihi u got gLee... awasome!!! gLee ni name club kt mckinley high school.. hehe mcm p'satuan or klb yg kter ade time sek men dlu..

soo guys..... u should watch it... it's a MUST!!!

till i see u again...


  1. mcm pnah dgr gLee tu..kt astro ader kan? klu x silap org tgk iklan dia mmg mcm best..cuma kt sini jer xder astro..huhu.. hope can watch it! thanks aja 4 d promote =)

  2. aah kt astro ader.. kt star world... tgk hani.. mmg best bangat.. :)